Collaborative and Interactive: Designing Engaging Activities for Your Supplier Day

Transform Supplier Day into a catalyst for sustainability with engaging activities that foster collaboration and drive commitments.

Collaborative and Interactive: Designing Engaging Activities for Your Supplier Day
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For a Supplier Day dedicated to reducing Scope 3 emissions to truly resonate and drive action, the event must transcend traditional presentations and speeches. Incorporating interactive and collaborative activities is key to fostering genuine engagement and encouraging suppliers to make actionable commitments. Here's how to infuse your Supplier Day with dynamic, participatory elements that captivate your suppliers and spur them towards sustainability.

Designing your Supplier Day with interactive sessions, workshops, and commitment ceremonies encourages active participation and actionable pledges from suppliers, turning the event into a collaborative platform for achieving Scope 3 emissions reduction.

1. Breakout Sessions for Targeted Discussions

Divide suppliers into smaller groups for focused discussions on specific topics related to Scope 3 emissions. These breakout sessions can be themed around different emission sources, industry challenges, or geographic concerns. Facilitate these discussions with guided questions to encourage sharing of ideas, strategies, and experiences.

2. Workshops Led by Experts

Host workshops on practical aspects of measuring, reporting, and reducing emissions. Bring in sustainability experts to lead these sessions, providing suppliers with hands-on training in tools and methodologies. Workshops can cover topics like setting science-based targets, leveraging technology for carbon accounting, and implementing sustainable supply chain practices.

3. Commitment Ceremonies

Organize a commitment ceremony where suppliers publicly pledge to take specific actions towards reducing their emissions. This could be setting their own science-based targets, committing to renewable energy projects, or initiating waste reduction programs. Public commitments can significantly boost accountability and motivation.

4. Interactive Polling and Q&A Sessions

Use technology to engage suppliers in real-time polling and Q&A sessions throughout the event. This not only keeps the audience engaged but also provides valuable feedback and insights into the suppliers’ perspectives, challenges, and needs.

5. Case Study Presentations

Invite suppliers who have successfully implemented sustainability initiatives to share their stories. These case studies can highlight the business benefits of reducing Scope 3 emissions, addressing common challenges and showcasing innovative solutions. Encourage a mix of large corporations and small-medium enterprises to present, ensuring relevance to all participants.

6. Networking Opportunities

Facilitate networking opportunities that allow suppliers to connect with each other, share best practices, and potentially form partnerships. Structured networking sessions, such as speed networking or industry-specific meetups, can enhance the collaborative spirit of the event.

7. Virtual Collaboration Platforms

For virtual or hybrid Supplier Days, leverage online collaboration platforms to engage participants. Use breakout rooms for group discussions, digital whiteboards for brainstorming, and social media hashtags to foster a sense of community and ongoing dialogue.

8. Follow-up Workshops and Webinars

Announce a series of follow-up workshops or webinars at the end of the Supplier Day. These sessions can provide deeper dives into specific topics, offer progress check-ins, and maintain momentum towards the commitments made during the event.


By designing your Supplier Day with a focus on collaboration and interaction, you transform it from a mere informational session into a catalyst for change. Engaging activities not only enrich the experience for participants but also foster a sense of community and shared purpose among your suppliers. This communal approach is crucial for driving collective action towards ambitious Scope 3 emissions reduction goals, ensuring that your Supplier Day marks the beginning of a sustained, collaborative effort to build a more sustainable future.