Is Scope 3 Included in Net Zero? Unravelling True Climate Commitments

Net Zero pledges are making headlines, but do they encompass the vast Scope 3 emissions? Uncover the depth of genuine climate commitments and discern between surface-level promises and holistic environmental strategies.

Is Scope 3 Included in Net Zero? Unravelling True Climate Commitments
Photo by Venti Views / Unsplash

The term "net zero" has become a buzzword in sustainability circles. But what does it truly mean? And does it encompass the vast web of Scope 3 emissions? Let's explore, with insights from the Science Based Targets initiative.

1. Understanding Net Zero:

Net zero refers to achieving a balance between the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. In essence, a net zero commitment means that a company aims to eliminate its carbon footprint.

2. The SBTi's Stance on Net Zero:

According to the Science Based Targets initiative:

  • For a net zero claim to be credible, it must encompass comprehensive emission reduction targets that cover all scopes, including Scope 3.
  • Companies cannot claim to be working towards net zero unless they are addressing their full value chain emissions.

3. The Significance of Scope 3 in Net Zero:

  • Broad Coverage: Scope 3 emissions encompass a wide range of activities, from the production of purchased goods to the end-of-life treatment of sold products.
  • Majority Emissions: For many companies, especially those with extensive supply chains, Scope 3 emissions can constitute the majority of their carbon footprint.
  • Holistic Approach: Ignoring Scope 3 emissions can result in a skewed and incomplete view of a company's environmental impact.

4. Challenges and Solutions:

  • Measurement Difficulties: Given the vast range of activities under Scope 3, accurate measurement can be challenging.
  • Collaboration is Key: Companies need to collaborate with suppliers and partners to gather data and implement reduction strategies.
  • SBTi's Role: The SBTi provides guidelines and tools to help companies set science-based targets, ensuring that net zero commitments are robust and comprehensive.


True net zero commitments go beyond just direct emissions. They encompass the entire carbon footprint of a company, including the often substantial Scope 3 emissions. By adhering to guidelines like those set by the SBTi, companies can ensure that their net zero pledges are both credible and impactful.

For more insights on net zero commitments and the role of Scope 3 emissions, explore the guidelines provided by the Science Based Targets initiative.