Scope 3 Summit

Join us on June 12, 2024, for the inaugural Scope 3 Summit, an event that stands at the forefront of sustainability and supply chain management. This groundbreaking summit is designed to unite professionals from around the globe in a conversation that matters - turning the tide on supplier-related emissions and paving the way to a net-zero future.

Why Virtual? Why Free?
In our commitment to accessibility and sustainability, we are excited to host the Scope 3 Summit as a completely virtual event. This format not only allows us to reach a wider global audience but also aligns with our ethos of reducing environmental impact, including the emissions associated with travel. Moreover, we believe in the power of shared knowledge and collaboration in tackling global challenges, which is why attendance to the Scope 3 Summit is free.

Our Focus:
At the heart of our agenda is the crucial theme of supplier emission reductions. Supplier emissions often account for a significant portion of a company's carbon footprint, and effectively managing these Scope 3 emissions is pivotal for any organization striving for net-zero targets. The Scope 3 Summit will delve into practical strategies, innovative solutions, and collaborative approaches to drive significant emission reductions in the supply chain.

Whether you're a sustainability veteran, a supply chain professional, or a business leader seeking to make an impact, the Scope 3 Summit offers an unparalleled opportunity to gain insights, share experiences, and contribute to shaping a sustainable business landscape.

Why Attend the Scope 3 Summit?

The Scope 3 Summit isn't just another virtual conference – it's a pivotal gathering of minds and efforts aimed at reshaping the future of sustainability in supply chains. Here's why you should be a part of it:

  • Learn from the Best: Gain insights from industry leaders, sustainability experts, and innovative thinkers. Our speakers and panelists are handpicked for their expertise and contributions to environmental sustainability, offering you the opportunity to learn from the best in the field.
  • Network Globally, Act Locally: Connect with professionals from across the globe. The virtual format breaks down geographical barriers, enabling you to expand your professional network. These connections can lead to collaborative efforts and shared strategies that make a real difference in your local context.
  • Practical, Actionable Strategies: Move beyond theoretical discussions to tangible actions. The summit is focused on providing practical solutions and strategies that you can implement in your organization to effectively manage and reduce Scope 3 emissions.
  • Be Part of the Solution: By attending the Scope 3 Summit, you're joining a movement dedicated to creating a sustainable future. It's an opportunity to share your experiences, learn new approaches, and be part of a collective effort to drive real change in the realm of corporate sustainability.
  • Accessible and Inclusive: As a free, virtual event, the Scope 3 Summit is designed to be inclusive and accessible to all interested professionals, regardless of location or resources. This inclusivity ensures a diverse range of perspectives, enriching the dialogue and outcomes.

Make your mark in the sustainability landscape. Join us at the Scope 3 Summit and be part of a global effort to transform supply chains for a greener, more sustainable future

At the Scope 3 Summit, we don't just talk about sustainability; we embody it. Our commitment to hosting a net-zero event is a testament to this:

  • 100% Virtual, 0% Private Jets: In an era where major conferences often see a surge in private jet travel, contributing significantly to carbon emissions, we choose a different path. Our event is entirely virtual, drastically reducing the carbon footprint typically associated with hosting and attending international conferences.
  • Carbon Neutral Initiative: We are dedicated to ensuring that the Scope 3 Summit has a net-zero impact on the environment. To achieve this, we will offset any residual emissions associated with the digital hosting of the event, including energy consumption and digital infrastructure, through a tree-planting initiative. This not only offsets our carbon footprint but also contributes positively to reforestation efforts.
  • Sustainable Practices: We encourage all participants and partners to embrace sustainability in their participation. This includes minimizing energy use during the event and choosing eco-friendly options in their professional practices.
  • Leading by Example: By hosting a net-zero event, the Scope 3 Summit sets a precedent in the event industry. We demonstrate that large-scale, impactful conferences can be conducted sustainably, aligning actions with the urgent need for environmental responsibility.

Join us in making a real difference. The Scope 3 Summit is more than an event – it’s a statement of what we can achieve when we prioritize sustainability at every level.