The Global Embrace of ISSB: Who's On Board?

The ISSB's sustainability standards have garnered significant international support. This article explores the key global entities championing these standards and the implications of their endorsement.

The Global Embrace of ISSB: Who's On Board?
Photo by Vladislav Klapin / Unsplash

The ISSB's mission to establish a global baseline for sustainability disclosures has resonated with major international entities. Their backing not only legitimizes the ISSB's efforts but also amplifies the call for a unified approach to sustainability reporting.

Key International Supporters

  1. International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO): Representing the world's securities regulators, IOSCO's endorsement of the ISSB standards is monumental. Their support emphasizes the importance of these standards in fostering transparency and integrity in global capital markets.
  2. Financial Stability Board: Tasked with promoting global financial stability, the FSB's support underscores the intrinsic link between sustainability and financial stability. Their endorsement highlights the role of sustainable practices in mitigating financial risks.
  3. G20 and G7 Leaders: The backing of these major economic forums amplifies the global relevance of the ISSB standards. Their endorsement sends a clear message about the collective commitment of the world's leading economies to sustainability.
  4. European Commission and EFRAG: Their collaboration with the ISSB ensures that the standards are in sync with the European Union's sustainability objectives. This partnership fosters consistency and reduces the reporting burden for businesses operating in the EU.
  5. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) - US: The SEC's engagement with the ISSB signifies the growing importance of sustainability disclosures in the US capital markets. Their involvement ensures that US businesses align with global best practices.

Why Their Support Matters

  • Unified Approach: The endorsement from these global entities promotes a standardized approach to sustainability reporting, reducing discrepancies and fostering comparability.
  • Increased Adoption: Their backing encourages nations and businesses to adopt the ISSB standards, ensuring a broader reach and impact.
  • Strengthened Credibility: The support from these esteemed organizations enhances the credibility and legitimacy of the ISSB standards in the global arena.
  • Promotion of Best Practices: Their endorsement serves as a benchmark for other entities, promoting the adoption of best practices in sustainability reporting.


The global embrace of the ISSB standards is a testament to their relevance and importance in today's business landscape. With the backing of major international entities, the path is paved for a more sustainable, transparent, and unified approach to business reporting. As more entities come on board, the vision of a sustainable future becomes increasingly attainable.


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