From Inspiration to Collective Action: Reflections from 'The Climate Conversation

The Climate Conversation" emphasized collective climate action. Tori Tsui's call to move from passive admiration to active participation inspired the acceleration of Join us in driving change.

From Inspiration to Collective Action: Reflections from 'The Climate Conversation
The Climate Conversation

The South Bank Centre recently hosted "The Climate Conversation", a gathering of young climate leaders who shared their insights, frustrations, and hopes for the future. Among the voices was Tori Tsui, whose words struck a chord deep within me. She urged the audience not to merely ask young activists, "What gives you hope?" but to actively inquire, "How can we help?"

This sentiment from Tori was a catalyst, compelling me to accelerate the development of Her message was clear: passive admiration isn't enough. We must transition from being mere spectators to active participants in the fight against climate change.

The Climate Conversation at The South Bank Centre

The event was a tapestry of diverse voices, each echoing the urgency of the climate crisis. From discussions about the disparities in climate impacts, with marginalized communities often bearing the brunt, to the importance of including these very communities in climate discussions and policy-making, the message was consistent: collective action is crucial.

Dominique Palmer highlighted the interconnectedness of various injustices, emphasizing the need for policies that don't leave behind vulnerable communities. The conversation underscored the importance of learning from marginalized communities, who have always believed in the possibility of a better world and have continuously fought for it.

Another poignant moment was when the panel discussed the Western media's selective coverage of climate crises. The lack of attention to certain global events underscores the need for a more inclusive, global perspective on the climate emergency.

Yet, amidst the weighty discussions, there was a recurring theme: hope combined with action. The young activists on stage, while carrying the heavy mantle of leadership, were not asking for the world to place all its hopes on them. Instead, they were calling for everyone, especially businesses and organizations, to step up and play their part.

This is where comes into play. With a staggering 80% of most companies' greenhouse gas emissions categorized under Scope 3, there's a pressing need for businesses to understand and address these emissions. It's not just about compliance or ticking off a corporate social responsibility box; it's about genuinely understanding the role businesses play in the larger climate narrative and taking decisive, impactful action.

At, we're dedicated to helping businesses navigate the complexities of their carbon footprint, especially within their value chain. Inspired by the voices from "The Climate Conversation", we believe in the power of collective action. Businesses, when equipped with the right knowledge and tools, can be significant catalysts for positive change.

In conclusion, "The Climate Conversation" was more than just an event; it was a clarion call for collective responsibility. As Tori Tsui aptly put it, it's time to move from asking for hope to actively seeking ways to help.