Data Leaders Reading List

Data Leaders Reading List
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Setting the Scene

Empowering the Business with Data: The CDO’s Role in Scope 3 Emissions Management
In the quest for net-zero, data emerges as a pivotal ally. Dive into the intricate relationship between data and Scope 3 emissions, and discover the transformative role Chief Data Officers play in guiding businesses towards sustainable futures.
The Central Role of Chief Procurement Officers in Steering Scope 3 Emissions Towards Net Zero
Discover how Chief Procurement Officers are leading the charge in managing 80% of a company’s carbon footprint. Unveiling the power of collaboration, supplier engagement, and audit-ready records in the net-zero journey.
Bridging Finance & Sustainability: Insights from Leading CFOs and CSOs on Decarbonizing Supply Chains
In a world facing environmental crises, the union of sustainability and finance is a beacon of hope, offering innovative solutions and transformative change, as discussed by leading CFOs and CSOs.
Scope 3 Emissions Basics - Scope 3 Collective
Laying the Groundwork for Sustainability
The Net Zero Standard: A 2023 Imperative for Companies
As “net zero” becomes a corporate buzzword, the SBTi’s Net Zero Standard emerges as the gold standard for genuine climate action. Discover why adopting this standard is a 2023 imperative for businesses

Emission Calculations

Unraveling Scope 3 Emissions: An Introduction to Key Calculation Methods
Dive into the world of Scope 3 emissions and discover the key methods recommended by the GHG Protocol for calculating these indirect emissions. From the Spend-Based to the Product-Based approach, get a comprehensive overview of how companies can assess their full carbon impact.
Decoding the Product Lifecycle: From Cradle to Grave and Beyond
Unravel the intricacies of product lifecycles, from cradle to grave and beyond. Dive into sustainable approaches like cradle-to-cradle and the circular economy, and discover their impact on our planet
CBRE partners with Emitwise to decarbonize Global Supply Chain
CBRE Enters into Partnership to Accelerate Carbon Emission Reductions Across Global Supply Chain with Emitwise, decarbonizing Scope 3.

Segmentation & Action

Leading Metrics in Net Zero: Scope 3 Emission under Active Management through Innovation and Collaboration
Leading businesses actively manage Scope 3 emissions, turning challenges into innovation-driven collaborations. By engaging suppliers and aligning with standards like CDP’s Climate Disclosure, they drive sustainability, value, and leadership in net-zero journeys.
Danone’s Bold Move: Pioneering Sustainable Growth with ‘Partner For Growth’
In an era where sustainability is paramount, Danone showcases how genuine supplier engagement can revolutionize business growth. Through their ‘Partner For Growth’ program, they aim to integrate eco-friendly practices, fostering supplier engagement and driving sustainable business growth
Unilever and Evonik: A Green Collaboration for a Sustainable Future
Unilever and Evonik collaborate to champion sustainability with Rhamnolipid, a green foaming agent. Derived from sugar, this biosurfactant offers an eco-friendly alternative to petrochemicals, marking a significant stride in sustainable cleaning products.

Industry Collaboration

Case Study: Energize - A Testament to Industry Collaboration in Advancing Renewable Energy in Pharma Supply Chains
Energize, a collaborative initiative by global pharma giants, aims to advance renewable energy in supply chains, showcasing the power of industry collaboration for sustainability.
Pharmaceutical Giants Collaborate to Decarbonize the Supply Chain
Pharmaceutical leaders unite for a greener future, setting joint sustainability targets to decarbonize supply chains. A monumental step towards net-zero health systems. #Sustainability #Pharma #NetZero